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Having my husband leave me just a few months before I turned 40 was the milestone that set my current life in motion — proof that crappy life events can birth wonderfully creative projects!

First, there was my  still-under-the-bed memoir of my year of drinking scotch with strangers that followed my husband leaving me. Terribly creative! And then there’s this story. When my friend, CBC freelance journalist Pamela Post heard about my divorce ceremony she asked if I’d be willing to talk about why I was doing this and have the ceremony recorded for Tapestry.

I thought that if sharing my experience could help other people (okay, other women) heal, then why not?

If you’re interested in your own divorce ceremony, Michele Davidson is THE modern celebrant to help you with that.

Donna's June Divorce

by Donna Barker, Michele Davidson, Pamela Post | CBC Tapestry