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Books with my name in them

I’ve been honoured to have had hundreds of people participate in my courses and writer’s communities, and few dozen whom I coached one-to-one. Here are a few who became published authors in 2018, with my support in 2017.

“I’m grateful to all of the Tiger Drive Squadsters, especially … Donna Barker… Donna, one call with you and the Squad was born. Validation? Check!” ~Teri Case

“Donna, you are the miracle woman, the incredible midwife of this book. Thank you for allowing me to fully embark on my writing journey and for picking up my phone calls, and answering my emails when I panicked. You put me right back on path.”  ~Maskarm Haile

“Thank you as always to Donna, who has supported me and championed my career, and who critiqued sections of this book when it was still a rough NaNoWriMo draft.” ~Mary Ann Clarke Scott


“Donna, thank you for caring about my story, my characters, and most of all, for caring about helping me bring forth my best work as a writer. I learned a lot working with you – and had fun doing it.” ~Michele Fogal


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