Commitment Grows with Accountability

Here’s a truthbomb for you:

Surprise your doubts with action

Do you have a favourite social media platform, a place where people you know, and maybe even people you only know online, engage with you and the content you post?

(If you don’t, skip down to the “I don’t do social media” header — I have a way for you to surprise your doubts with action, too!)

My “commitment grows with accountability” invitation to you today is to post an image that explicitly declares that you are writing a book and something about that book that will pique your readers’ interest.

  • It could be a quote from one of your characters, or yourself if you’re writing non-fiction.
  • It could be a fun picture of you with the working title of the book and your planned publication date superimposed on it.
  • It could be a mock-up of your book cover with your name printed boldly on it! (Tip: Canva.com has free book cover templates)
  • It could be one of a hundred other things. I guarantee, you’ll think of at least one idea that scares the pants off you. That’s the one to create!

For super-extra-plus-bon accountability, do one of the “I don’t do social media” actions as well!

I don’t do social media

Most excellent! Your “commitment grows with accountability” invitation is to do one or both of the following:

  • Create or update your email signature to say “author of the upcoming book, <add your working title>.
  • If you use LinkedIn or any other professional connector app, update your profile to include your book’s working title and planned publication date.

One last accountability invitation

Once you’ve done one (or more!) of the above actions, email me with the link to your social media post or with your new email signature at the end of your message. You don’t have to write a long message. Something as simple as, “Done!” will do.



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