The Foundation of Commitment is Clarity

In this first Mindset Strategy lesson, I’m focusing on articulating your ‘why.’

It’s a biggie since without having this in place that voice that tells you you don’t have the time, the skills or the ability to tell your story will continue to have power. So let’s shush that voice today!

So, why do you need to articulate your why? I believe it’s crucial to know why you are writing your book because, if you aren’t clear about what you want to accomplish with your writing, odds are you just won’t accomplish it.

This is about giving you a point on which to focus when you’d rather be doing anything other than staring at a blank page or slogging through how to get your character from where she is now to wherever it is she’s heading, because … where the heck is she going, anyway?

When the work of writing feels like work, knowing your why, being able to point to the reason you started this crazy adventure, drawing on the passion you have for your story, or for connecting with future readers, can give you the push you need to keep at it.

Odds are that you’ve sat down many times to work on this book. But something’s kept you from fully committing to getting it done — likely an excuse from a voice inside your own head that’s whispered cautions to keep you from writing. Once you know the answer to the most important question you’ll ask yourself this week, you’ll have the snappy comeback that that little, negative voice needs to hear to settle down and let you write!

It doesn’t matter if the story you’ve been carrying around is fiction, memoir, non-fiction or some creative blend, there is a reason you need to tell it. And once you know your ‘Why,’ that little voice that’s been stopping you from writing won’t stand a chance anymore!

In the audio file a little lower on this page, I’m going to ask you 6 questions. I’d like you listen to and answer each question in your head to start. I guarantee you’ll get better results if you simply close your eyes, listen to my question, and then listen for your answer. 

Don’t worry about forgetting what your answers are. You’ll remember them when it comes time to write them down.

The questions I’m asking you build on each other, so with each question try to go deeper into your previous ‘Why?’ answer.

You ready? Hit the play button and let’s get clear on why this book won’t leave you alone!


Done? All right! Now you’re ready to write down these answers and empower a new inner voice that will give you the clarity you need to commit to finishing your book.


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