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Here are my 4 favourite workshops

Write Your Book. Share Your Story.

Three sure-fire exercises to help you reach your writing goals

How long have you had “write a book” on your bucket list? More than 3 years? More than 5 years? Guess what, you’re normal! In a recent survey of 202 aspiring authors, fully 35% had been thinking about, and are sort-of, kind-of working on their first book for 10 years or longer!

In this workshop you’ll do three powerful exercises that will give you the courage to make a firm commitment to becoming a published author before this time next year. These tested and proven exercises will be your touch points to keep you on-track, even when you’d rather be cleaning the garage than staring down your manuscript.

Best workshop length: 45-60 minutes

Best number of participants: Unlimited

What’s Your Writer’s Meaningful Milestone Date?

A scientifically-proven way to fire up your commitment to your writing

Milestone dates have been proven to help people achieve goals in all areas of life, from the classic (dare I say, cliché!) losing weight before a wedding, to what are mistakenly referred to as mid-life crisis acts (like buying a red Ferrari), to finishing a book that was started years ago. Figuring out your own, personal milestone ‘D-Day’ will force you, in a strategic way, to examine your motivations as a writer.

Knowing what’s at stake, both when you succeed or if you fail, is just the kind of mindset adjustment that can make all the difference between doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result, and approaching your writing just a little bit differently and being able to finally write, ‘The End.’

Best workshop length: 90 minutes

Best number of participants: 10-15

Create Your Writer’s Manifesto

If you’ve been struggling, working on your book for more than a couple of years, then sitting down to create a Writer’ Manifesto may be exactly the cure you need to get your butt-in-chair to write the words your story has been begging you to share. Manifestos have been used by creatives and thought-leaders — which you, as a writer, are! — for centuries (some argue millennia since the Bible is considered one of the first written manifestos).

The exercises in this workshop will guide you to write a highly personalized declaration of your motives and intentions as a writer,

Best workshop length: 60 minutes

Best number of participants: Unlimited

Discover and Interpret Your Writer’s Temperament

What is your writer’s temperament style and why does it matter? Using a combination of a traditional personality test and a unique writer’s temperament analysis, created specifically for this workshop, you will learn how to create a new writing habit that leverages your natural writer’s temperament — and steers clear of approaches that may work for other writers but don’t work for you — to become a more productive and confident writer.

Best workshop length: 90 minutes

Best number of participants: Unlimited

6 reasons I’m perfect for your event (maybe…)


I start with a basic framework and then ‘origami’ my workshops to meet the needs of your organization, audience, and key objectives. Whether it’s an interactive workshop or an engaging keynote, my presentation will be customized and perfectly relevant to your specific needs.


Don’t let my name fool you — there is no ‘Prima’ in this Donna. Give me a glass of water and place to stand and I’m ready to roll. You’ll find me flexible, professional, and oh-so-easy to accommodate.


My enthusiasm is contagious. My talks and workshops are focussed, interactive, and entertaining. Your audience will be fully engaged and energized to apply new techniques to old challenges.


Stories are fun and facts are useful, but unless connected to inspiration and action… your audience may as well read a book. I’ll make it worth showing up to hear the info live and in-person, providing your audience with engaging and actionable take-aways.


Take a writer who’s spent 25+ years making technical topics easy-to-understand, toss in some award-winning, story-telling author chops, and top that smoothie up with the heart of a social advocate and you get…me!


At my core, I’m just like every woman “of a certain age” who faces self-doubt and has to shush that critical inner voice. My shoes are well-worn from walking my talk. Your audience will connect with my confident vulnerability.

Some of the many organizations I’ve presented for

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I can adapt any of my workshops into an entertaining 10-minute talk or an engaging and interactive 45- to 90-minute workshop.

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