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Being a ghost (writer)

I’ve been a ghost-writer for over 25 years. Trusting my own voice when I wanted to write a novel was no small feat. Even harder was finding the courage to step out of the shadows and own my words.

Main theme: developing the courage to stand in your own light.

Girls who get themselves in trouble

And I don’t just mean “up the creek without a paddle.” Though, more women than not point to their vulva when explaining why Trouble found them.

Main theme: using story-telling and humour to find self-compassion when life goes yucky.

The power of life's milestones to shake sh!t up!

Science proves that milestone moments have the power to change everything — turning 30 made me a mom, turning 40 made me a divorcee, turning 50 made me a published author.

Main theme: find your milestone, finish your book.

“I started editing (your interview) and it is a dream. I’m finding it fun and entertaining. I always know it’s a good interview if I’m sitting here smiling as I edit.”

Elaine Benoit

Host, The MaturePreneurial Podcast

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Career ghost-writer * Author Igniter

My passion — what lights me up — is working with women who are ready to ignite their writing, to push past their confidence-, courage- and commitment-blocks, and to get their stories into the world.

With twenty-five years experience as a technical ghost-writer, I thought it would be easy to write a novel. Little did I know ten years ago, how many inner critics lived inside my head when it came time to share my precious, creative, heart-felt words (about a couple of psychic serial killing women in Mother Teresa’s Advice for Jilted Lovers).

It took the support of many writers who were a few steps farther along the writing/publishing path for me to join them as a published author.

And now, building writer support communities through my course Book On Fire, the Author On Fire mastermind groups I facilitate, and the coaching I do through The Creative Academy, I’m helping other women achieve this often life-changing goal.

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