Ready to meet other authors (and me)?


The Writer’s Union of Canada in cooperation with the Federation of BC Writers is hosting the third annual SUNSHINE COAST SPRING WRITER’S RETREAT at The Linwood in Roberts Creek, BC.

Workshops featured at the retreat include: 

  • Creative Non Fiction with Lynne Van Luven,
  • From Research to Fiction with Michelle Barker
  • Maneuvering the Media Ocean: Social Media for Authors with Sapha Burnelland,

and yours truly presenting

  • Fire Up Your Commitment to Your Writing Using Milestones

Draw from the collective writer energy and sit-in on the Shut Up and Write! sessions.

Attend the Open Mic on Saturday night featuring writers reading their best work.

Admission to the workshops is free for paid-up members of TWUC or the BC Federation of Writers, $15 for non-members.

Shut Up and Write! sessions are free to everyone.

Part conference, part convention, full fun, the Creative Ink Festival includes engaging, entertaining and yes, educational author panels, workshops and author readings.

In its fourth year (my second as a presenter) the Festival is a warm, welcoming, and productive weekend to learn more about your craft, to network with people in the industry and to make new connections.

Here’s where you’ll find me:

Discover and interpret your writer’s temperament with Donna Barker and Elizabeth Teliz-McQuarrie

What is your writer’s temperament style and why does it matter? Using a combination of a traditional personality test and a unique writer’s temperament analysis, created specifically for this course, you will learn how to create a new writing habit that leverages your natural writer’s temperament — and steers clear of approaches that may work for other writers but don’t work for you — to become a more productive and confident writer.

Writer On Fire! with Donna Barker

How long have you had “write a book” on your bucket list? More than 3 years? More than 5 years? Guess what, you’re normal! In a recent survey of 202 aspiring authors, fully 35% had been thinking about, and are sort-of, kind-of working on their first book for 10 years or longer! In this workshop you’ll do three powerful exercises that will give you the courage to make a firm commitment to becoming a published author before this time next year. These tested and proven exercises will be your touch points to keep you on-track, even when you’d rather be cleaning the garage than staring down your manuscript.


NaNoWriMo, is it Ri(ght)Mo(nth) for You?

Sylvia Taylor (Moderator), Donna Barker, Lisa Voisin, Andrea Westaway

For many writers, November become a sprint to finish 50 000 words, inspired and pushed on by National Novel Writing Month. There are some writers on the other end of the spectrum with harsh criticisms. Should you try it? How best to accomplish it or should you avoid it? Join panelists who have tried it to hear their experiences and input.

Productivity Hacks for Writers

Michelle Vandepol (Moderator), Donna Barker, Theresa Bazelli, Adam Dreece, Andrea Westaway

Most of us would like to write more in the time we have. What hacks exist to help writers increase their productivity? From time savers to rituals to devices, apps, websites and software, join our panelists for all their best tips on how to get more quantity and quality out of your writing.

Starting is The Hardest Part

Chloe Cocking (Moderator), Donna Barker, Michele Fogal, Tyner Gillies, Jane Whittingham

Have you always wanted to write but could never even think how to get started? Whether it’s blogs, news reports, reviews, short stories or novels, how does one get the pen (or keyboard) rolling?  

Can’t make it to an in-person workshop?

That’s okay! Here’s the next best thing — download a copy of my Create Your Writer’s Manifesto guide, which comes from one of my live workshops.