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One-to-One Coaching

Just you and me, a cup of tea, and some loving-but-firm support to figure out why you’re not writing and how we can change that.

Online Course

So much more than an online course, you’ll meet other writers and get individual email encouragement from me.


Three coaches with weekly Office Hours for online face-to-face group coaching, monthly masterclasses, and more!


Mastermind Group

Join a Mastermind group with four other authors for bi-weekly accountability, advice and encouragement meetings.


Do you need a guide to help you identify your writing goals and objectives?

How about an accountability partner to help keep you motivated?

Maybe a development editor to give you honest and encouraging feedback on your crappy first draft?*

A sounding board to assure you that your writing-related emotions are normal?

I’ve filled all of these roles and many more for my author on fire clients. Start with a free, no obligation, 30-minute coaching session to see if you think I can help you.

* If you’re not writing a crappy first draft then we definitely need to talk! Give me 30 minutes to convince you why. No charge, It’s on me!

“Donna, you are the miracle woman, the incredible midwife of this book. Thank you for allowing me to fully embark on my writing journey and for picking up my phone calls, and answering my emails when I panicked. You put me right back on path.”

~ Maskarm Haile, Author, Abyssinian Nomad (2018) 

INVESTMENT: $75 / 30 minutes

BONUS: We’ll start with a free 30-minute call to make sure I fully understand what kind of support you need, and so that we both feel confident that I can provide it.

Oh, and for Canadians, this is CAD (yay!). But, I have to add GST (boo).


This 15-lesson, interactive program will first take you into your heart-space, where your passion lives, to clearly identify and articulate why finishing this book is so important to you. This will be the foundation of your success. The kindling for your own book on fire, as it were.

Then we’ll visit the realm of your head to develop a vision for when you can realistically complete the different stages of turning your idea into a manuscript, and then into a book you’re proud to share with the world.

In the last five lessons, you’ll connect your passion to your plan and declare your intent to succeed. This is the third critical element of the Book On Fire! course.

LIMITED TIME OFFER: Get the course for half-price. Only 100 coupons available.

“I can honestly say this is the ONLY course (and I have hundreds) that I have completed in full… Thank you, Donna, for being so wonderfully you! You have warmed my heart with your sincerity, warmth, care and kick-butt style.”


~ Brenda Ann Tsiaousis, Author, Courage to Bloom (2018)


$209 CAD for Canadians (GST included), and €129 for Europeans (VAT added after).

Enter the code FIRST100 at check-out to get the course for half-price!

The link will take you to my Teachable school, The Creative Academy.

GROUP COACHING — includes membership in The Creative Academy

No matter where you are on the continuum from “Am I a writer?” to “Woohoo! I’m a published author!”, everyone needs a trusted ear to bounce an idea off of, or to help get butt back in chair when motivation takes a vacation. That’s why group coaching is the core of the Creative Academy Membership.

In addition to bi-weekly, group coaching with me, you also get access to weekly coaching from my co-Creatives — Eileen, who helps with the craft of writing, and Crystal who is a rock-star in the self-publishing and book marketing fields.

“Donna is such a real coach. She’s lived it, and is not sugarcoating the work as no big deal. Writing a book is hard, and it’s work, and she’s standing right there with you, both holding your hand and your hair (if and when you need to puke from the stress of it all!). Worthwhile things in life are not easy, but Donna makes writing a book easier.”


~ Becky Fromm 

Investment: $29 USD / month

For Americans. $32 CAD for Canadians (includes GST) and €19 for Europeans (VAT added after).

But no matter what country taxes you, it’s a smok’n deal!


No doubt you’ve heard of, or even been a part of, beta reader groups and critique groups for authors. But, have you considered the benefits of joining a mastermind group designed specifically to help you achieve your book-writing goal? That’s what the Author On Fire mastermind groups exist to provide — all of the things that a writer, otherwise working on her own, needs to put in place to get her book finished:

Community. Accountability. Encouragement. Perspective. Expertise.

The beauty of being a member of an Author Or Fire mastermind group is learning from the collective experience of your peers in the group. We all bring experience, connections, and teaching opportunities to support each other in taking massive steps forward on the publication path.


A note of thanks for accepting me into the (Author On Fire) Mastermind group.  It’s helping me change my mindset about my creativity.  I’m taking my novel more seriously and am thinking about my writing all the time, and have more confidence that my bum-in-chair time is important, fruitful and — dare I say it — decent.  I guess in short, I’m realizing I can really get this done.


~ Christy D

Investment: $ 497 / 6 months

Why six months? Because that’s long enough to make a real difference to your book-writing and publishing goal and not so long that you outgrow the group.

Includes bi-weekly group meetings and weekly check-in (accountability) emails from me, Donna. 

Here are all the options for working with me

so you can compare which one works best for you!

Still not sure what you need?

I totally understand. You barely know me.

So, get to know me, and the way I work, a little better while getting to know yourself and the way you work as a writer a lot better.

Win-win, I say!

Download my free guide to help you develop your very own Writer’s Manifesto and once a week (or so) I’ll send you a quick email with something to help you become a Writer On Fire.