As a guide: Helping you identify your writing goals and objectives

As a motivator: Acting as an accountability partner

As an editor: Providing feedback on your manuscript, typically at the development stage

As a sounding board: Assuring you that your writing-related emotions are normal!

After a single one-on-one discussion with Donna, I realized the only thing standing between me and publishing my novel, Tiger Drive, was validation. I wanted validation from an agent and/or a publisher that I had written the novel to the best of my capability. After our talk, I wondered how else or  where else I might find the validation I needed.

I decided to create a Tiger Drive Squad – a group of beta readers from my current newsletter subscribers where I could both test my author platform to see if I was attracting an audience that would also like my books and get feedback on Tiger Drive. Guess what? I have the validation I need to move forward with self-publishing.

Donna challenged me to think outside the box on what validation looks like.

Teri Case

Author, Tiger Drive

Donna listened to my struggle as I tackled writing in three different genres at once, and asked, “Have you tried dividing up your schedule in a different way?” After our brainstorming, I set up my DayTimer for a 2 week experiment which taught me a lot about my process and needs as a writer. Thanks for helping me switch it up and break through to some new habits!

Susan Pieters

Award-winning Writer, Editor, Pulp Literature