As a guide: Helping you identify your writing goals and objectives

As a motivator: Acting as an accountability partner

As an editor: Providing feedback on your manuscript, typically at the development stage

As a sounding board: Assuring you that your writing-related emotions are normal!

After a single one-on-one discussion with Donna, I realized the only thing standing between me and publishing my novel, Tiger Drive, was validation. I wanted validation from an agent and/or a publisher that I had written the novel to the best of my capability. After our talk, I wondered how else or  where else I might find the validation I needed.

I decided to create a Tiger Drive Squad – a group of beta readers from my current newsletter subscribers where I could both test my author platform to see if I was attracting an audience that would also like my books and get feedback on Tiger Drive. Guess what? I have the validation I need to move forward with self-publishing.

Donna challenged me to think outside the box on what validation looks like.

Teri Case

Author, Tiger Drive (2018)

Donna, you are the miracle woman, the incredible midwife of this book. Thank you for allowing me to fully embark on my writing journey and for picking up my phone calls, and answering my emails when I panicked. You put me right back on path.

Maskarm Haile

Author, Abyssinian Nomad (2018)

Donna listened to my struggle as I tackled writing in three different genres at once, and asked, “Have you tried dividing up your schedule in a different way?” After our brainstorming, I set up my DayTimer for a 2 week experiment which taught me a lot about my process and needs as a writer. Thanks for helping me switch it up and break through to some new habits!

Susan Pieters

Award-winning Writer, Editor, Pulp Literature

If you’re looking for someone to tell you that your shitty manuscript is going to win you the Governor General’s award, Donna’s not your girl. If you’re looking for feedback that can help you turn that scrap heap into something enjoyable to read (to someone other than you) sign up now. I love working with Donna. She’s smart, sassy, and honest. She’s a great person to have on your side.

Joanna Drake

Romance writer

I’m very lucky to have met Donna and experienced her coaching calls. She’s so open and enthusiastic that you come away with energy, ideas, tools and motivation — including the belief that your goals are attainable. No matter how foolish or tiny a thought might seem, Donna will help tease it out until you can evaluate its merit within the big picture.

She’s someone who understands and believes in you. If you don’t carry out your plans for yourself, you’ll want to do it for her. She’ll help figure out the small steps that will work and move you forward. Donna is like a breath of fresh air, sweeping out the dusty cobwebs of daily life to help you focus on your dreams. She’ll help you open your heart to see your potential.

Natasha Pow

Historic Mystery Writer

Donna has been my writing critique partner for over three years and I always value her input. She has a wealth of life experience, professional writing experience and spunky enthusiasm to bring to the table. She cares about stories. She cares about characters. And best of all, she cares about writers and bringing forth the best work that we can.

I’ve learned a lot from working with her and had a lot of fun doing it. She has always treated my work with care and respect. She has a tonne of skill as a writer herself, which she is far too humble about, and a irreverent sense of humour that makes me smile even when I’m tearing my hair out.

I’d recommend her support to anyone struggling to birth their stories into the world. I’d trust her with all kinds of tricky sensitive content because she has an emotional compass that points north without fail, speaks her mind and never places herself or her ideas above others. 

Michele Fogal

Multi-genre author, Root of the Spark (2017)